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House of Visions is a company that primarly works within the field of coaching og consultning. What we prefer to name life and business strategies. Our clients goes from everything to big companies to private people.

Our work is primarely based on our two methologies THE BUSINESES COMPASS  and THE MENTAL COMPASS, and most of our clients is based in Denmark,  which is why you will find only a part of our services in this site.

Our services is primarily focused in these 3 areas

  • Coaching og advisory

    We are working with coaching and advisory of companies and private people, or as we prefer to call it the life strategies and business strategies. This, with the clear goal of closing the cap between where you or the company is to where it wants to go. Our methodologies is based within these two metohdologies: THE MENTAL COMPAS and THE BUSINESS COMPASS.

  • Events

    Every year we have 2 international events in Spain, these is held in July and in December in Malaga. For more information, check out this page or our newsletter.

    More events is regularly held in Denmark on a monthly basis and is taught in Danish – for more information click here

  • E-learning

    We use e-learning in most of our methodologies, and services, and is developing and integrating that in our clients own IT platforms for internal training, coaching, onboarding and more.

Action vs thought is the motherboard of most business - Kim Kampp

Kim Kampp ia thew founder of House of Visions and the 2 methodologies The Business Compass and The Mental Compas. During his career he has build up several companies and is today a premiere coach and speaker.

Personal coaching is by application only contact info@houseofvisions.com

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  • Stay tuned - next international event is about to get published

    The event will be held in Spain – in the end of december between Christmas and New years – more information is coming later this month

  • Check out our danish company site

    Our main acitivity is in Denmark – so check out our page her www.houseofvisions.dk

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